Physical Security

Fusion provide end-to-end security solutions to protect your facility, factory or institute, include but not limit:


  • IP Encoders, Decoders, IP Cams, Wireless video Tx/Rx, Banking DVRs, Video Management s/w and Analytics
  • Storage Solutions iSCSI and Fiber RAID for IP Surveillance
  • IP MegaPixel Cameras
  • IP & Hybrid Network Video Recorders
  • IR and White Illuminators
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Access Control
  • Biometric Readers
  • RFID
  • Attendance Systems
  • Parking Systems

Industrial Solutions

Fusion is a specialist supplier of IT hardware, supplies, services & solutions. We have over 10 years experience delivering IT products, services & solutions into our core markets segments Education, Health, Government and Corporate.

Our primary concern is always focused on the performance of an organization – not just IT, but recognize that IT infrastructure is fundamental to the agility, competitiveness and well-being of an organization. This is why we manage the integration of products, services and solutions to help you maximize return on investment and the performance of your organization.

We have dedicated teams focused on each customer segment to ensure that we understand your challenges and can bring best practice solutions to your organization.

Part of the major industrial solutions we are focusing on:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Automation and Manufacturing
  • Trades and commercial

Security Solutions

Fully integrated IT Security Infrastructure Solution


  • Firewall & Intrusion Prevention Solutions
  • Encryption Solutions
  • Network Access Control
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Email & Web Content Filtering Solution
  • SSL VPN Secure Remote & mobile Access solutions
  • VPN Network connectivity
  • Web Security solution
  • Data Leakage Protection
  • Automated Client Systems and Patch Management
  • Software & Hardware Authentication Solutions
  • Token ID Solution for Strong Authentication
  • Application Cryptographic solutions
  • PKI Solution
  • Centralized Security Management
  • Centralized Security Policy Enforcement Solution
  • Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment Solution

ICT Solutions

Fusion identifying the growing needs for IT to establish and grow of your business and success in the market. Thus we are focusing to provided state-of-art solutions and capabilities to provide BSM (Business Service Management) and Software Solutions to help organizations to cut cost, reduce problems and operation time and leading your profit to increase.

We can list for your reference some of the activities we run in IT sector:

-Datacenter and disaster recovery


-Web development and hosting solutions

-GIS and location applications

-Software development

-Software solutions design

-Network infrastructure

-Hardware solutions and delivery

-Operation and maintenance services

Telecom Services

Fusion had unique vision in telecom to participate in building high-end capabilities and deliver the latest services and technologies deployed in this sector to our customers and clients.

We also provide flexible business models that can fit various demands of our customers through strategic cooperation and long-term partnerships.

We introduce various services in telecom sector varies into the following:


  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Operation Support Systems (OSS)
  • Value-added Services (VAS):
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • MMS
    • USSD
    • Data
  • Content Management and Delivery
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Location based services
  • Consumer/Enterprise services Radio Planning and Optimization
  • Marketing planning
  • Competition campaigns
  • Service Management